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Securing Ireland's rail infrastructure

When Irish Rail looked for a security company to protect their traveling passengers, monitor property and secure revenue sources, they turned to Brinks.

The dedicated Brinks security rail team have invaluable experience and knowledge of the rail sector and deliver dependable, rail-specific objectives that are customised for the client which in turn is monitored by Over-C in real-time.

With security staff now traveling across the country the need to track users by a combination of GPS and NFC became apparent in order to ensure the officers safety.

By implementing Over-C, Brinks improved communication to and from their security officers and now offer their customers greater visibility of service performance. Previously, security officers had to carry two devices with them, now they only need one Over-C equipped phone for real-time data capture.

Over-C enabled the migration of incident reporting from paper to digital multimedia. The advantages of interactive reporting are real-time visibility, ease of use, and greatly enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

With Over-C's smartphone application we are able to view, communicate, report and see operational statistics of our performance from anywhere.