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Under European legislation, all waste-safe containers must be examined every 2 years, with a full inspection every 5 years. A record of all inspections must be kept as a proof of compliance.

British waste management company Biffa utilized Over-C to comply with the new legislation. Waste-Safe is a professional service for wastes that are product based or contained in small packages.

In this project, Biffa attached Near Field Communication Tags (NFC) to their containers to provide physical proof that their agents have examined them. The engineers can now quickly identify the containers that are not in compliance. They can then report and check which passed the inspection and which ones failed.

The process of data capture is simple and does not require much training since the device leads the user through the process intuitively. The NFC elements are also fail-safe and built to withstand Biffa's harsh working environment.

Biffa is one of the UK's largest integrated waste management businesses, providing collection, landfill and special waste services to local authorities and industrial/commercial clients.